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2D Volume lash set $100

3-10D Volume lash set $150

Volume Eyelash extensions

At Lash addict, eyelash extensions are professionally applied enhancing your natural beauty. With our knowledge and experience we specialize in making you feel and look beautiful. Dating back to 2001, our quality and consistency has always been priority. 

You will be amazed at how you feel and look after your first visit with us. You'll leave your mascara and obvious lash strips home forever. The lashes you've been dreaming about are an appointment away.  

Individual Eyelash extensions

Lash per lash application. With the best quality in material used. Our prices can be found in our service tab. 

Tips: Call or text if you have any questions regarding this service.

Why choose Lash addict.

Experienced in the art of applying 2-10 light weight lashes on one natural lash. Giving your lash line, an endless possibility for fullness. Read more about it in our services. This is perfect for naturally sparse lash line.

Tips: The longer the session the fuller they can be. Call for more information.