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After couple weeks your lashes will need to be re-touched. The reason why is that eyelash extensions can only be partially permanent, our lashes have a life line of ninety days per each natural lash. Recommended every two to three weeks, depending on the lash care and natural shedding cycle of your lash line. Some clients maintain and care for them better than others prolonging the duration of their eyelash extensions. These fill in prices are dedicated to our in store clients.

SET - $100

Our classic eyelash extension set are applied by our well trained and experienced lash stylists, one extension to one real lash. Our application technique is clean, neat, skilled and experience. We do not clump, as it damages the health of your lash line. These are soft silk like lashes. Light weight as feather, you will enjoy a less heavy lash line. These lashes retain the darkness and curl for long lasting peace of mind. With care, our work of art will last a long while.

Classic eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension filling

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​Eyelash extension fill in/retouch​

30 minutes light touch up $30

60 minutes mild touch up $40

75 minutes extended touch up $50

90 minutes extd touch up $60

Eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time. Making sure you get the best out of your natural lash line. While you are laying down relaxing we apply our synthetic lashes onto yours with our medical grade adhesive. The application takes about one hour and a half to two hours.


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