Can’t live without them? Book a fill in appointment! Fills are suggested every 2-4 weeks, on average, for best results and to keep your lashes looking full.

Weeks 1-3

Gently wash your face and lashes daily with facial soap. 

Avoid fibrous material such as towels, Q-tips, cotton balls or makeup wipes around or in your lashes, 

The best way to get water off your lashes is a paper towel or finger.

It is IMPORTANT not to use Waterproof Mascara or lash curlers!

Extensions typically do not need mascara, however, should you choose to apply mascara, use an extension-friendly mascara.

• Lash extensions come pre-curled, but should you need a boost, use only a heated lash curling wand, rather than a traditional lash crimper. 

• No Adverse products, especially oil-based makeup removers and/or products containing glycols or other solvents will weaken the bond of the lashes after a few uses.
• Use caution when exposing your face and lashes to extreme elements such as heat, flames, and wind. This especially applies to baking/BBQing. Try protective goggles or sunglasses, and sweatbands when applicable.

By following these tips it will prolong the life of your extensions and the health of your natural lashes. 

It is best not to

  1. tug, pull, pick or otherwise play with” them..
  2. Cutting or removing.

Any discomfort can be adjusted. Please give us a call for any advice in caring for them.

Your First 48 Hours

Minimal extreme sweating or showers in the first 24 hours. Your extensions are water resistant after the adhesive is fully dry.
Post-service redness is normal and should dissipate in about an 1 hour;
Those with sensitive eyes or allergy prone may experience a longer than an hour redness.

Again, please feel free to call or text us if you have any questions. 

Contacts and eye-drops are ok to use.

Lash care