Ali Lash addict

Ali is funny, sweet and full of love. Lashing has been an undeniable passion for her. Licensed and certified lash stylist. She'll win your heart! Lash technique: Individual.

Suzie Lash addict

As an esthetician, her obsession with being a perfectionist has led her to become very knowledgeable in eyelash extensions. Lash technique: Individual & volume expert.  

Ana Lash addict 

Ana has been a licensed esthetician since 2008. Determine to become one of the best lash stylist in seattle, she joined lash addict to pursue her passion. She's sweet, funny, and personable. Lash technique: Individual & 2-3D volume.

At lash addict all of our stylist share one strong point. That lashing is what they love best in their career. Lashing takes patience, skill, and understanding.. Their passion for lashing is a consistent need to perfect everyones lash line, one lash at a time. Here's a little bit about our lash stylists.